Hello everyone!

I hope you are all having a great end to your wonderful summers! Anyway, one thing I’ve always wondered about is why bunnies have long ears. Well, mice , rats, guinea pigs, and hamsters don’t really have them. Well, while it does give us an advantage at listening to things far away, why didn’t other animals get them.

On the topic of listening, I think listening and patience to listen to what people say is quite important. It’s easy to just hear what people say, but having the patience to really listen to what people say is a virtue. A lot of times, I think I end up tuning people out after a while or not bothering to have the patience to even try to understand what they are trying to say. Many times, there are people who aren’t necessarily the most easy to understand. You have to think a little and try to figure out what they are talking about or exactly what kind of thoughts they want to express since it isn’t always immediately apparent.

On the flip side, well, sometimes, I guess I’m not the easiest to understand either since I sometimes mess up what I want to say. Other times, I assume that other people know what I’m talking about. I try to catch myself when I do this, but that doesn’t often happen which is a real pity. It does take some patience sometimes to make yourself understood.

Me with earbuds in my long bunny ears

Me with earbuds in my long bunny ears

Anyway, I still haven’t figured out why we have such long ears. If you have any ideas, feel free to comment. I hope you all have a good week! Stay well!





Sometimes one needs to explore.



Other times, one just needs to cuddle



Stay well!


The wild side


I hope everyone has been having an awesome summer!

This one has been trying to get in touch with her wild side.

Wild side

Wild side


Swan riding

Swan riding


Anyway, I hope everyone has a great summer!

Stay cool!





Hello everyone!

I’ve been busy lately as well as abroad, but I’m back now. Anyway, I found that for me at least, it’s really hard to give people any respect when they don’t give me any or if I don’t think they are deserving of it, and it’s even harder when they are not around and I’m talking about them to other people.

I don’t think it’s nice at all to call people names behind their back or to refer to them in a disrespectful way. In most cultures, you aren’t generally supposed to address or refer to older people by their first names unless you are told otherwise. For example, many Hebrew teachers are addressed by their first names. This is how their culture generally works.

In the same way, it isn’t generally a good thing to speak badly about someone behind their back, and not nice to use bad expletives when referring to them either. From time to time, people need to vent, but if one refers to them in a way that makes it ambiguous as to who it is they are referring to, I think it is better in many cases, especially if you are the only person who knows this person, and it’s unlikely that anyone else might meet this person. This lets you talk about something that bothering you without changing what other people think about that person. This can be good if you know what is bothering you is like a pet peeve or doesn’t hurt other people in some way. Sometimes, it is also possible that you are the only one who perceives that problem in that particular way. It is also possible that your perception may be wrong or biased.

What if the person is just too “stupid?” In many cases, if I think a person is really stupid, I’m less inclined to give them any respect and more inclined to give them a hard time both in person and behind their back. I think thought that intelligence and smarts can be broken down into multiple areas. Like, there are people who completely lack any domestic smarts but they have a lot of academic smarts in a specific field. I also think that different smarts and intelligences can be cultivated, but of course, there are people who learn specific things faster than others and people who have a really hard time learning certain things. It’s the way people are. Because of this, I think it is better not just to say that a person is stupid or dumb but just to say that they are doing something that isn’t so smart or question why they are doing what they are doing that way.

I think that there will always be people who are really stuck in their ways or take no criticism. While we can often inform people who want to change about their missteps. For things that are hard to change, often we can let them know once, then stand back and let them work out the issue themselves or help them if they so request it. In the end, if nothing changes, I think we have to try to see what we can do ourselves to make the best of it so that we can cope with it. I guess that’s just the way life is.

Anyway, I hope you all have a good day!




Free Speech


Living in the United States, I’ve always wondered about free speech. What exactly is free speech? Recently in my school, someone on the school newspaper (which is, by the way, student-run), wrote an article about a Facebook page called “Brandeis Hookups” which allows people to post anonymous stories. She basically called to put a stop to this Facebook page since many of the posts were very demeaning toward women and some seemed to glorify things like rape. A student on the student council commented saying that the writer of the article should leave the article alone in the name of “free speech.” This incident made me question the meaning of “free speech” once again. Is it really something that gives people the license to say whatever they want without regard for anyone else? In the past, as well as some places in modern times, one is not allowed to say anything bad or negative about the government. Freedom of speech allowed people to say whatever they needed or wanted to say about the government without fear of prosecution. Over the years, this right is often interpreted as being able to say whatever one pleases. Many hate-groups are able to continue their spread of propaganda and other dogma under “free speech” clause. I think this begs a question though. Where do we draw the line? What constitutes hurtful or hateful material? If someone truly or sincerely believes in somethings, should these are all interesting questions. What does free speech really mean?

I guess that works too...

I guess that works too…





I don’t travel very often since traveling can be very expensive, but when I do, I it’s usually very enjoyable. Different places often have their own different “personalities,” and it is often interesting to compare and contrast different places. So far, I’ve been to four different parts of the world, Taiwan, the midwest, New England, and New York/New Jersey. The northeast tends to be colder, although there are “pockets” that have people who are more warm and friendly. It is also a lot more fast-paced in general. I think I like the fast pace. People in Taiwan seem to be more polite. In the midwest, people seem to be more warm and welcoming. The pace of life there also feels a bit different than that of the northeast. Anyway, off I go to pack for my next big trip!

Now I'm ready to go cold places...Wait, I'm actually going to a hot place!

Now I’m ready to go cold places…Wait, I’m actually going to a hot place!


One thing that I always thought was interesting was how some people seem to need a little push before they start doing certain things. Occasionally, especially if I am feeling a little burnt out, I want to sit back and do nothing for a few days. The fact of the matter though, is that things need to move on whether I feel like it or not. I must get up and do whatever I need to do despite the fact that I don’t feel like doing anything. I guess that’s just how life/the world works sometimes. I often use this blog as a distraction to keep my from burning out so quickly and make me excited to do something else. Sometimes, I also just need to make a list of the things that I need to do and set goals. Anyway, I hope everyone as a great day and finds a push if they need one.

I'm pretty sure it's not that kind of push!!

I’m pretty sure it’s not that kind of push!!


Eggplant tails


I’ve always considered the eggplant a very interesting vegetable. When I was young, I was fascinated by its dark, often purplish-black exterior and rotund shape. It was also interesting to me how it could be found in different colors and shapes. How my family prepared it was stir fried with peppers, garlic, and other spices, but there are many other ways to prepare it, and it was always fascinating to me how the plant could be prepared in many different ways. Also interesting was how polarizing the plant could be. My sister absolutely hates eggplant, and I read an essay where the writer referred to it as tasting like sawdust. Technically, the eggplant is a berry despite how it looks or what it appears to be. It’s a member of the tobacco/tomato family and contains a larger amount of nicotine compared to other plants, but many times less than a cigarette. I think you would have to eat a truckload of eggplant to even get close to the amount of nicotine in a cigarette or cigar. It’s also actually a large berry despite what people say.

I do have a story about eggplant. Last summer, I stayed at home and took care of my house as my family went traveling. One week, it so happened that eggplant was on sale, and those who know me would know that my diet is often reflective of what’s on sale. So, I buy the eggplant and make lasagna with it, two dishes of it. When my family returned, I had one dish left over. My sister who absolutely hates eggplant had several servings then asked me what kind of delicious “mushrooms” I put into it. I asked her, “What mushrooms?” She then held up a slice of eggplant then promptly ate it. When I told her that it wasn’t mushrooms but actually eggplant, she put her fork down and her eyes widened. My mom then started laughing.

I'm quite sure that's not an eggplant

I’m quite sure that’s not an eggplant





Anyway, I think eggplant is really nice. Do you?




Hello everyone,

The other day, I read an article written in response to news that two people had died in a restaurant that makes food that is made to be extremely greasy and loaded with calories. When I first heard of this restaurant a few years ago, my first reaction was that the food they served was really nasty. I don’t really like very greasy foods in general. Going back to the article, what caught my eye was that the writer suggested that these places should be made illegal. That really made me think. “What is the place of the government?” Or even, “Where do we draw the line?” “Can people be allowed to make choices like this?”

It’s certainly true that the government does control many things that can kill a person nearly immediately, but how about things that could kill a person, but much more slowly? One of these burgers has enough calories to feed an “average” human male for about two days or more (And probably me for about a month). That’s a huge amount of calories to have in one sitting or meal. Should people be allowed to choose to eat these things?

A bright orange tomato...they once thought these were poisonous

A bright orange tomato…they once thought these were poisonous


Hello everyone!

I missed posting last week because of a lot of things I had to do.

In one of my classes recently, we’ve been discussing a topic that I usually avoid because it makes me uncomfortable. It really shouldn’t, but it does anyway, and I’m working on it.

Anyway, it made me think a bit. I’m actually pretty sure that if we hadn’t discussed this topic in my class, I probably would never have explored it at all. I think that sometimes it is good to put one’s self in the uncomfortable chair and think about issues that make them feel uncomfortable. There is only so long that one can avoid an issue. Eventually one must face the issue and consider it little by little. These issues are not usually things that one can come to a conclusion on overnight. One has to give themselves time and be patient.

Anyway, I hope you all have a great day. I hope I can get myself out of my uncomfortable chair more often. It hurts a little at first, but the results are worth it.


One can't sit all day and eat candy and cookies.

One can’t sit all day and eat candy and cookies…