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As I was poking through Youtube videos Saturday night (I was tired of writing counterpoint, and my ears were itching for some music), I found a few videos with people playing either the glass armonica or drinking glasses. Now, you may wonder what these instruments are. The glass armonica is this thing with spinning bowls […]



Friends are good to have, especially in college. A study by the University of Illinois shows that people who are happy tend to be surrounded by friends. Good ones. Anyway, check out and watch my friend. He is pretty interesting and has a friend called theperfectlady. I’m not affiliated with either; I’m just a […]

First post


Hello world…cats, dogs, mice…humans… Welcome to my new blog!! I am still preparing stuff to put up, but just want to let you know more about myself. I’m a first-year at Brandeis, well, yes, you didn’t know bunnies went to college did you? I’m a prospective music major partly because of the long ears, although […]