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New umbrella


First of all, my apologies for not putting up a new post. I left the charger to my Mac at home, so yeah, I didn’t get to go on my computer that much in the past week. Anyway, I bought a new umbrella over the weekend after my little automatic open/close umbrella decided that it […]

Yesterday I went to my new piano teacher for the first time. Previously, I had a Ukrainian teacher who was quite strict and very experienced, and my new teacher is this really amazing Korean guy. This got me wondering, “What makes a good piano teacher good?” “What is music anyway?” I came up with a […]

A great pianist


Today, on Youtube, I came upon Lola Astanova, a Russian classical pianist. She is a very musical as well as a very clear and articulate player, and her tone is just wonderful.  After enjoying her playing on Youtube, I decided to check her site to see what else she had, and then I decided to buy her […]

So much music!


Lately, I was looking through my iTunes library on my Macbook. I have hundreds of songs, all cataloged meticulously by composer, artist, album, and with all the cover art so that I can find any song I am looking for quickly. Today, I happened to see there is something in iTunes that counts how many […]