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Excessive use


I happen to be a big fan of mechanical pencils. Well, with music homework, it’s easy to make some mistakes, so something erasable is a big plus. Anyway, when I was younger, I got this really nice German mechanical pencil (or at least it was made out to be a nice pencil and certainly worked […]

What are midterms for? I guess they are to find out how well you are doing in your subjects in the middle of the semester. I have quite a few coming up, so don’t expect too much in the coming days. Do well, keep on top of your homework! Bramble

Today I happened to be sitting at the piano thinking about my music and scribbling in my practice notebook. I came upon a thought. Do subtleties matter? Or are they just extra touches we add that affect only ourselves and other musicians who listen to us? My take on this subject is something that shows […]