Excessive use


I happen to be a big fan of mechanical pencils. Well, with music homework, it’s easy to make some mistakes, so something erasable is a big plus. Anyway, when I was younger, I got this really nice German mechanical pencil (or at least it was made out to be a nice pencil and certainly worked like one when I just got it). A few years later, the poor pencil started doing strange things. The silver nose cone turned an odd brass color, then later, when I clicked the top, the lead would fall straight out. To add to my troubles, the grip started going all funny, and chips of plastic started falling off the pencil. So, wondering if my pencil was defective, I sent the manufacturer a letter, and they soon asked me to send them my pencil. They then told me they would analyze it to see if it was indeed defective. A few months later, they sent me a letter back with their analysis and cited “excessive use” as the cause of my troubles. Hmm…excessive use…sounds like something out of abnormal psychology…excessive use disorder otherwise known as EUD…mental institution anyone? To their credit they sent me a new pencil which I saved in a box. I then stuck with Japanese mechanical pencils for my heavy use and never had a problem since.

Excessive use disorder…I’m glad my piano hasn’t collapsed or lost any keys *yet*.

Be good!


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