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Busy Busy…


I just want to let you all know that I’m going to be quite busy in the coming week. Still, enjoy the semester while it lasts. I did put up a new weekly happy though. Bramble Advertisements

Be happy!


This week, I thought up something interesting. It came to me that some animals in the fall somehow end up eating some fermented pumpkins and other things. It makes them drunk and sort of “happy” Then I realized that alcohol is actually quite unnecessary for happiness. It’s actually a depressant that reduces the functions of […]



Easter just passed and it made me wonder why there is such a thing called an easter bunny. I felt that it was my duty to inform you that bunnies are birds too, at least according to this sketch, and they lay colored eggs. Anyway, silly ideas aside, I hope you all had a wonderful […]

Dust bunnies


Have you ever wondered why they call dust bunnies “bunnies”? I just happened to think about it when I was doing some cleaning this week. It’s break after all. I must admit that I always envisioned something a little like this. (excuse my silly sketch) Of course, me standing on the soapbox and trying to […]