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I have always enjoyed chocolate for as long as I could remember, but being a bunny, I know that it’s not very good for me, so I try not to have too much. Because I enjoy chocolate so much, I often pay a lot of attention to chocolate ads. Isn’t it interesting that most chocolate […]

I just finished a hectic semester and now find myself with nothing to do. It’s a really strange feeling since I’ve never had a time I could recall where I had nothing to do for two weeks straight. When I was young, I was homeschooled, and I studied through the summer. Then, last summer, I […]

Past Bach


In the times of baroque music, many instruments did not have a very wide dynamic range, emotion was expressed through the contrapuntal textures of the music and the notes themselves. Later, more expressive instruments were produced. When this happened, emotions were expressed though tone and dynamics. Some time after that, there was rubato, where emotion […]



When I was younger, I had the nickname “tulip.” I’m not exactly sure why but still, it was a cute nickname. Anyway, I often wonder why nicknames exist? This got me thinking, and I came up with a few things. One of them was that perhaps the nickname endears the nicknamed to the nicknamer, sort […]