Nothing to do…


I just finished a hectic semester and now find myself with nothing to do. It’s a really strange feeling since I’ve never had a time I could recall where I had nothing to do for two weeks straight. When I was young, I was homeschooled, and I studied through the summer. Then, last summer, I worked at a lab before I left for college. It was interesting and yeah, fun. Then, over winter break, I read textbooks for the spring semester. (my friends all told me I was crazy)

Anyway, this whole weird feeling of nothing to do really has me freaking out. All this time and I have nothing to do. Does anyone have any suggestions? I’ve come up with the following list so far:



Chat with friends

Listen to music

Clean all the fingerprints off my computer screen (have to tell people to stop touching my screen. Being a bunny, I don’t quite make paw prints)


Eat candy

Guess which of the list I actually did most? Yes, the last two. I hope I don’t get too fat. (I can tell you that ear twiddling probably doesn’t burn very many calories)

If you are on summer break, enjoy it and find something to do!


P.S. Bunnies have fur on the bottom of their paws unlike many other animals. That’s why I don’t really leave pawprints.

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