I have always enjoyed chocolate for as long as I could remember, but being a bunny, I know that it’s not very good for me, so I try not to have too much.

Splitting the

Because I enjoy chocolate so much, I often pay a lot of attention to chocolate ads. Isn’t it interesting that most chocolate ads are made with women in mind? I happen to be a female bunny, and although I’m not a human, the promises of happiness, love, and youth that these ads offer are very appealing to me. This brings me to another thought. Why are some products marketed toward men and others toward women even though they can be used by either? For example, cars are often marketed to men, and although I can’t drive (I can’t see over the steering wheel while pushing the pedals), I know a lot of women who drive and really enjoy it. Maglite flashlights are also marketed to men, although, I can tell you that I keep one close to me and I know a lot of women who have them. Cleaning supplies are often marketed to women, but I know a lot of men who use them to keep their house or apartment clean. Many weight loss products are also marketed toward women, but many men use them to lose weight.

What do you think?


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