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Study Aids


Now in the summer semester, I find myself studying when no one else is studying. I also find myself trying hard to keep up with all the material, and to help me with this, I have a few things: Ringbound flash cards: These things are really neat. They sell them at the campus bookstore, and […]

Red Eye


Doesn’t red eye sound like a disease or like something dangerous? When I was a little bunny, my dad got a new camera that had “red eye reduction.” To me, a little bunny, it sounded like some kind of evil eye remover (sort of like vampires and garlic), and I definitely felt much safer when […]

The Race


I commented on another blog a few weeks ago and the writer of the blog, UnabridgedGirl, asked me if I read “The Race” “The Race” by D. H. Groberg is a poem that essentially is about one of my favorite sayings, “It’s not the fall that matters. It’s whether you get up or not.” In this […]