Red Eye


Doesn’t red eye sound like a disease or like something dangerous? When I was a little bunny, my dad got a new camera that had “red eye reduction.” To me, a little bunny, it sounded like some kind of evil eye remover (sort of like vampires and garlic), and I definitely felt much safer when my dad started using this new camera. Anything that would reduce evil eyes would be quite welcome. To my young and naive mind, it looked as though the camera looked around (Yeah, I thought the red eye light was the camera’s eye) for evil eyes to get rid of before taking pictures. Then later, when I got a little older, I decided that maybe red eye wasn’t as evil as I thought. Red eye was a disease of some kind, or was it? Being really curious, I decided to ask my dad, and he said that red eye appears because the flash sometimes lights up the backs of our eyes. At the time, I didn’t really understand what that meant. I thought eyes were sort of at the surface, and besides, it didn’t tell me what the red eye light thing actually did. I must say I never did quite understand the concept of red eye until I got my own camera an started taking my own pictures. And, the red eye thing in iPhoto saved many of my pictures from the delete key. So, essentially, the gist of it is that many pictures with flash are taken in a darker environment. This makes the pupils of the eyes open wide to let more light into the eye. Because the pupils are so wide, the flash has no trouble shining its light deep inside the eye and showing us the color of the inside of the eye and making the eyes look red. It’s complicated. Anyway, did you have any interesting ideas or beliefs as a youngster?

Oh, and by the way, I draw and take all the pictures on this blog myself. If you want me to try to draw something for you, just ask, I’d be happy to. I might do it in charcoal instead of pencil though so it looks better.

Enjoy the time as it goes by!


One Response to “Red Eye”

  1. I know I’ve had lots of weird ones, can’t recall them to mind right now. This is quite funny.

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