Study Aids


Now in the summer semester, I find myself studying when no one else is studying. I also find myself trying hard to keep up with all the material, and to help me with this, I have a few things:

Yes, the notebook is purple!

Ringbound flash cards: These things are really neat. They sell them at the campus bookstore, and someone called Myndology makes them. They stay together thanks to the ring. I write some brief notes and tips, and if I want to organize them, I can pop open the ring, take the cards, put them in order, then put the ring back.

Three subject notebook: I use these for one subject. People who go to Brandeis take a lot of notes, and that includes me.

Binder: I collect all the handouts and put them here.

Small sticky note tabs: I put these on handouts in my binder so I can find them easily. I also stick them in my books.

Pencil: Always good because they never dry out or run out of ink, just stock them with lots of lead.

Large eraser: Mistakes are bound to happen, so always be ready.

Pen: If something is supposed to be permanent or colorful, these are really nice.

Have a nice sunny summer. Find some happy music!


One Response to “Study Aids”

  1. I like those 5 subject notebooks… can take one (or two) around to all classes. I just write really small.

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