Have you ever felt nostalgia for something? I remember when I got my first iPod just two years ago. Apple just announced that the iPod touch would be able to send emails, and I figured that checking my email on a smaller device that I could cradle in my paws would be much more convenient than checking it on my notebook computer.

Many years before that, I had this thing called an eBookman. It was just a kind of PDA made for reading books. I always liked reading, and I thought that if I could carry books on a small device, that would be neat. It didn’t work so well though, books were expensive ($30-$40 per book anyone?) and took forever to open and the device used up lots of batteries. Later, I saw this thing called Compaq iPAQ. I got the H3955 model. It had Microsoft Office and that was kind of neat. I wrote a lot of stuff and checked my email on it. It crashed a lot though, and after it crashed so many times, I gave upon it. I didn’t get another handheld computer for several years.

So at that time, I thought the iPod with it’s newly added email capabilities would be a good way to return to handheld computers. Besides, I had been using iTunes on my computer to handle my music, so having my music with me would be nice.

So one night, I went to the Apple store and gave them my credit card and watched as they handed me a black box with the words, “iPod touch 16GB”. It was really nice. It didn’t crash often at all, and was wonderful for emails, and when they allowed apps a year later, I got an IM application and could IM my friends.

Well, just a few weeks ago, I discovered that my iPod was becoming obsolete. I couldn’t upgrade it with the latest version of iOS or install some newer apps. Still, it was good. Before, updating handheld computers with a new OS was not easy. Updates cost lots of money and you were lucky to get even one. Also, to install applications before, you needed to connect your device to the computer and install the app that way. You couldn’t install applications directly. The iPod touch was a welcome break from all of this. I’ll probably use it for a while yet, maybe until iPod touch 5 or 6 come out. In the meantime, I’ll wait.

Pull out your iPod and listen to some music this week. Have a good independence day!!


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