Why Clothes??


Have you ever wondered why people wear clothes?

Being a bunny, I don’t get to slip out of my fur at whim and buy different colored fur (with rhinestones) for a night at a fancy restaurant. As a bunny, I have to live with whatever colored fur I ended up growing. People, on the other hand, seem very invested in getting nice clothes. Think about it…a different outer skin for each occasion, for each mood, or for each day. There are even people whose job is to coordinate clothes for people. “Ok, here is a bag fashioned from the fine skin of some long dead thing. We attached a metal piece to it that tells the world you have much green paper and clinky metal bits. It will go well with this short skirt and blouse that will guarantee that you get goosebumps when the wind blows. Your card? That will be $6 billion please. Thank you!” It also makes me wonder why a warm-blooded creature would be found naturally without fur, feathers, or both. People, once they start to remove their clothes, get sunburnt. Gerbils, on the other hand, have fur on their tails to keep it from getting burnt. Not only that, when people go out in the winter with too few clothes, they turn a funny blue shade. So much for animals like the hare growing thick coats of fur to protect them from freezing. Also, toward the end of the summer, people make horrendous noises when they get into the water to swim. That’s why marsh rabbits and otters have thick oily fur, so they don’t freeze in cold water. As you can see, there are many disadvantages to not having fur―or even―feathers.

You would think that people would realize the consequence of having neither fur nor feathers, but some people are poor judges of when to wear clothes, and as a consequence their skin turns all spotty and raisiny as they get older. Some people, however, have sense. They know they don’t have fur and protect their skin, like frum orthodox Jews and certain Christians. There are also teapickers in Taiwan who keep themselves well covered. These people seem not to suffer from all these problems like burning, freezing, and such. To top it off, they manage to have much smoother skin in their later years.

Thankfully, being a bunny, I needn’t worry about these things. My fur grows longer when it needs to. Fur is nice―even if I can’t have the black fur with rhinestones I always wanted.

Enjoy the summer! You don’t have fur, so wear enough clothes!!


Apparently, some animals do wear clothes too, although I'm not sure why...

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