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I have always been intrigued by writing a letter. and sending it in a bottle. Maybe, someone might find it and open it up. and read it. Nowadays, people use emails. But still, messages get places. Enjoy your week! Bramble P.S. Thanks to Tornado as one who receives messages. Holly for helping me stuff the […]

Cell Signaling?


A few weeks ago, I was studying cell signaling with a few friends and it got me thinking about the ways people communicate with each other. The first type of cell signaling we studied was endocrine signaling which involves hormones. This signal is broadcast to the whole body. This is like Facebook. If you post […]

Staying Safe


When you go out, do not go out alone. Always bring a friend. Hold hands so that you won’t lose each other.     If you forgot your friend, and you meet a dangerous animal, do not run. It will catch you. Make a lot of noise. Someone might come and save you. That’s why […]