Staying Safe


When you go out, do not go out alone.

Always bring a friend.

Hold hands so that you won’t lose each other.



If you forgot your friend,

and you meet a dangerous animal,

do not run. It will catch you.

Make a lot of noise.

Someone might come and save you.

That’s why you should always bring a friend.

If you are in danger,

Your friend can save you.

You can make noise together.

You can be safer.

If you meet a small child alone,

she may be lost. You never know what danger will befall her.

Take her with you.

Help her find her mommy.

They will be ever grateful.

Have a safe week!


Many thanks to:

Swan as person

Opal as friend

Bramble (me) as mother

Twitch as small child

Tornado as kind stranger

and last of all…

Orchard as Wi1D DaNGeROuS ThINg

3 Responses to “Staying Safe”

  1. This is actually really cute…

  2. How CUTE! 🙂 That was really creative.

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