It’s summer!! But, I have spring pictures!


It’s summer, or it was summer for a few months…I have been so busy!

Anyway, I was taking pictures of flowers this spring since I found them quite fascinating.

Here is a picture of a dandelion:

Little dandelion turns big

Little dandelion turns big

From a distance, dandelions often appear to be quite small and simple, but close up, one begins to notice all the individual delicate petals and flower parts. I think it’s really amazing how intricate the flower actually is. Take a close look sometime.

Pink springtime trees

Pink springtime trees

In the spring, there are a few kinds of trees that have more flowers than leaves. I think they are really pretty. This one looks like it has a lot of pink puffs. Often, I see that some trees don’t have very many leaves yet although they have many flowers.

In spring we often grow tulips. I always find it fascinating how the flowers open and close depending on the weather conditions and the amount of sunshine. This picture was taken after a storm. If you look carefully, you can see that the flower is closed to keep the water out. To me that is just really neat.

The tulip

The tulip

I hope you enjoy the flowers! But, now that it is not spring anymore, enjoy the summer flowers. They are pretty!


3 Responses to “It’s summer!! But, I have spring pictures!”

  1. Beautiful! I’m a sucker for pictures of pretty flowers 🙂

  2. pretty!

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