Standardized tests


Sometimes I wonder why standardized tests are quite so necessary. On Thursday, I have one big one coming up. It will be five hours and half of craziness. I supposedly know all the material already, and I’ll be doing a few practice tests in short order.

I’ve never been a particularly good test taker. I get stressed out when taking tests, so sometimes I feel that although tests are sometimes useful, they do have plenty of downsides that affect their accuracy. There are friends I have who are very good test takers and usually score quite highly. I tend to work more slowly.

Another observation I have is that many tests have all sorts of regulations to prevent cheating. For example, I can’t bring a watch, pencils, or pens to the testing center. Hats are only allowed for religious reasons. It’s a pretty crazy list of things.

Me trying to study

I sort of just want this to be over with. It’s a pretty crazy test. When all is said and done, I’ll be free. The worst is, I’ll have to take it again. That’s ok with me.

Stay well!


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