Pens for Her?


Hello everyone,

First I have to apologize for being “missing.” I have just been really busy working on classes and other things in life.

Lately, while I was shopping, I saw a new line of pens by BIC “for Her.” You must note that I’m not actually unfamiliar with the concept of eons made especially for women. I usually use fountain pens, and over the years, there have been many fountain pens made specifically for women like ring tops, which are small pens with a ring on the top of the cap which you could wear like a necklace, owing to the fact that many dresses and skirts didn’t have pockets (and still don’t). There were also pens sold as fashion accessories like the Waterman Ici et Là and Audace. I had all of these pens. I still have my Ici et Là, which is in my opinion a prettier and classier pen than the BIC “for Her” pens. There is a difference though. The BIC “for Her” pens are advertised in such a way that it feels like, “Surprise! I am a woman (or a female bunny in my unique case) and I must use these “for Her” pens because I’m not good enough to use the regular pens. I wish someone could have told me that years ago.” When I bought my other pens, I didn’t feel the same way. I felt as though I was born with a privilege of owning these special pens while also knowing that I could use any other pen I wished. It was an empowering feeling of knowing that I had additional choices.

Anyway, moving to the pens themselves, I bought a 16 pack of BIC Cristal for Her pens. The package included four pink pens, three sea foam green pens, three blue pens, three purple pens, and three orange pens. The pens are a bit thinner than the regular BIC Cristal pens and have the words “BIC Cristal for Her” in silver foil on the body and eight six-faceted depressions that catch the light. I think they are prettier than the regular BIC Cristal pens. As for as writing goes, they write the same way as most any BIC Cristal. The ink even has the same smell I used to remember BIC ballpoints always having. My one gripe is that they only come with black and blue ink. I often write with many different colors like turquoise, pink, and purple when I use fountain pens. (Has anyone seen the Pilot G-2 fashion colors? Those have three pens, one in turquoise, one in pink, and one in purple). For now, I an sticking with my fountain pens and my colorful ink. That won’t stop me from using these BIC ballpoints for sketching though.


Bic Cristal for Her


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