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Getting Stuck


Hello everyone! It so happens that from time to time when I’m writing something, I get stuck. It happens a lot more often than I’d like it to. Sometimes though, I find that if I start writing anything in my head, many times, I think up the perfect thing to get my thoughts and writing […]

Hi everyone!! I hope I can keep up regularly updating this blog. I have too many hiatuses and keep disappearing. Anyway, I really enjoy reading. Whenever I go home on break, I go to the library and borrow some books or I ask someone to borrow a few of the books on my list. I […]



Hello everyone! I’m back again this week! I was just thinking about friendship while lying in bed one night. I think that there are many things that don’t really happen or grow overnight. One of these things is friendship. People need time to trust and learn to understand each other. Also, I think that people […]