Hello everyone!

I’m back again this week! I was just thinking about friendship while lying in bed one night.

Sometimes you need a good friend that you can squish!

Sometimes you need a good friend that you can squish!

I think that there are many things that don’t really happen or grow overnight. One of these things is friendship. People need time to trust and learn to understand each other. Also, I think that people need time to learn about each other. Although some of these things grow faster with some people than with others, I think that in most cases, they still take time. People learn about each other not only from what they talk about, but by the way the react to different situations and how they interact with each other. There are also times when people need time to slow down and think over their relationship. There are quite literally, times that I think I really need to stop and digest what just happened or what has been happening. Sometimes that process takes a few hours. Sometimes it can take days.

I really think that people should give relationships the time that they deserve to grow and not rush things. Friends and friendships need time.


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