Reading, books, and adventure


Hi everyone!!

I hope I can keep up regularly updating this blog. I have too many hiatuses and keep disappearing.

Anyway, I really enjoy reading. Whenever I go home on break, I go to the library and borrow some books or I ask someone to borrow a few of the books on my list.


Reading with friends is fun too!

I learned to read when I was really little and growing up, I think I really took it for granted. I remember seeing a comic strip a few days ago that said, “It’s called reading. It’s how we install new software into our brain.” While I think it’s true that we do learn a lot of new things by reading, reading can also be a form of entertainment. I think it is sad that a lot of people don’t read very much. When I’m reading something, I see people, things, and scenes in my head. My imagination makes a world. It’s almost like watching a movie, except I’m not actually watching anything. Anyway, if you aren’t really big into reading, you should try it. It’s fun!


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