The uncomfortable chair


Hello everyone!

I missed posting last week because of a lot of things I had to do.

In one of my classes recently, we’ve been discussing a topic that I usually avoid because it makes me uncomfortable. It really shouldn’t, but it does anyway, and I’m working on it.

Anyway, it made me think a bit. I’m actually pretty sure that if we hadn’t discussed this topic in my class, I probably would never have explored it at all. I think that sometimes it is good to put one’s self in the uncomfortable chair and think about issues that make them feel uncomfortable. There is only so long that one can avoid an issue. Eventually one must face the issue and consider it little by little. These issues are not usually things that one can come to a conclusion on overnight. One has to give themselves time and be patient.

Anyway, I hope you all have a great day. I hope I can get myself out of my uncomfortable chair more often. It hurts a little at first, but the results are worth it.


One can't sit all day and eat candy and cookies.

One can’t sit all day and eat candy and cookies…


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