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The other day, I read an article written in response to news that two people had died in a restaurant that makes food that is made to be extremely greasy and loaded with calories. When I first heard of this restaurant a few years ago, my first reaction was that the food they served was really nasty. I don’t really like very greasy foods in general. Going back to the article, what caught my eye was that the writer suggested that these places should be made illegal. That really made me think. “What is the place of the government?” Or even, “Where do we draw the line?” “Can people be allowed to make choices like this?”

It’s certainly true that the government does control many things that can kill a person nearly immediately, but how about things that could kill a person, but much more slowly? One of these burgers has enough calories to feed an “average” human male for about two days or more (And probably me for about a month). That’s a huge amount of calories to have in one sitting or meal. Should people be allowed to choose to eat these things?

A bright orange tomato...they once thought these were poisonous

A bright orange tomato…they once thought these were poisonous



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