Eggplant tails


I’ve always considered the eggplant a very interesting vegetable. When I was young, I was fascinated by its dark, often purplish-black exterior and rotund shape. It was also interesting to me how it could be found in different colors and shapes. How my family prepared it was stir fried with peppers, garlic, and other spices, but there are many other ways to prepare it, and it was always fascinating to me how the plant could be prepared in many different ways. Also interesting was how polarizing the plant could be. My sister absolutely hates eggplant, and I read an essay where the writer referred to it as tasting like sawdust. Technically, the eggplant is a berry despite how it looks or what it appears to be. It’s a member of the tobacco/tomato family and contains a larger amount of nicotine compared to other plants, but many times less than a cigarette. I think you would have to eat a truckload of eggplant to even get close to the amount of nicotine in a cigarette or cigar. It’s also actually a large berry despite what people say.

I do have a story about eggplant. Last summer, I stayed at home and took care of my house as my family went traveling. One week, it so happened that eggplant was on sale, and those who know me would know that my diet is often reflective of what’s on sale. So, I buy the eggplant and make lasagna with it, two dishes of it. When my family returned, I had one dish left over. My sister who absolutely hates eggplant had several servings then asked me what kind of delicious “mushrooms” I put into it. I asked her, “What mushrooms?” She then held up a slice of eggplant then promptly ate it. When I told her that it wasn’t mushrooms but actually eggplant, she put her fork down and her eyes widened. My mom then started laughing.

I'm quite sure that's not an eggplant

I’m quite sure that’s not an eggplant





Anyway, I think eggplant is really nice. Do you?



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