Free Speech


Living in the United States, I’ve always wondered about free speech. What exactly is free speech? Recently in my school, someone on the school newspaper (which is, by the way, student-run), wrote an article about a Facebook page called “Brandeis Hookups” which allows people to post anonymous stories. She basically called to put a stop to this Facebook page since many of the posts were very demeaning toward women and some seemed to glorify things like rape. A student on the student council commented saying that the writer of the article should leave the article alone in the name of “free speech.” This incident made me question the meaning of “free speech” once again. Is it really something that gives people the license to say whatever they want without regard for anyone else? In the past, as well as some places in modern times, one is not allowed to say anything bad or negative about the government. Freedom of speech allowed people to say whatever they needed or wanted to say about the government without fear of prosecution. Over the years, this right is often interpreted as being able to say whatever one pleases. Many hate-groups are able to continue their spread of propaganda and other dogma under “free speech” clause. I think this begs a question though. Where do we draw the line? What constitutes hurtful or hateful material? If someone truly or sincerely believes in somethings, should these are all interesting questions. What does free speech really mean?

I guess that works too...

I guess that works too…




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