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Back home!


Ok, I have returned from a busy semester, and after a nice week of vegetating, it’s back to work. Sort of… As you can see, I have some reading to do. (By the way, the book that I am reading in this picture is “What the Dog Saw” I wasn’t too fond of it. There […]

Past Bach


In the times of baroque music, many instruments did not have a very wide dynamic range, emotion was expressed through the contrapuntal textures of the music and the notes themselves. Later, more expressive instruments were produced. When this happened, emotions were expressed though tone and dynamics. Some time after that, there was rubato, where emotion […]

Today I happened to be sitting at the piano thinking about my music and scribbling in my practice notebook. I came upon a thought. Do subtleties matter? Or are they just extra touches we add that affect only ourselves and other musicians who listen to us? My take on this subject is something that shows […]

Yesterday I went to my new piano teacher for the first time. Previously, I had a Ukrainian teacher who was quite strict and very experienced, and my new teacher is this really amazing Korean guy. This got me wondering, “What makes a good piano teacher good?” “What is music anyway?” I came up with a […]

A great pianist


Today, on Youtube, I came upon Lola Astanova, a Russian classical pianist. She is a very musical as well as a very clear and articulate player, and her tone is just wonderful.  After enjoying her playing on Youtube, I decided to check her site to see what else she had, and then I decided to buy her […]

So much music!


Lately, I was looking through my iTunes library on my Macbook. I have hundreds of songs, all cataloged meticulously by composer, artist, album, and with all the cover art so that I can find any song I am looking for quickly. Today, I happened to see there is something in iTunes that counts how many […]

As I was poking through Youtube videos Saturday night (I was tired of writing counterpoint, and my ears were itching for some music), I found a few videos with people playing either the glass armonica or drinking glasses. Now, you may wonder what these instruments are. The glass armonica is this thing with spinning bowls […]