Eggplant tails


I’ve always considered the eggplant a very interesting vegetable. When I was young, I was fascinated by its dark, often purplish-black exterior and rotund shape. It was also interesting to me how it could be found in different colors and shapes. How my family prepared it was stir fried with peppers, garlic, and other spices, but there are many other ways to prepare it, and it was always fascinating to me how the plant could be prepared in many different ways. Also interesting was how polarizing the plant could be. My sister absolutely hates eggplant, and I read an essay where the writer referred to it as tasting like sawdust. Technically, the eggplant is a berry despite how it looks or what it appears to be. It’s a member of the tobacco/tomato family and contains a larger amount of nicotine compared to other plants, but many times less than a cigarette. I think you would have to eat a truckload of eggplant to even get close to the amount of nicotine in a cigarette or cigar. It’s also actually a large berry despite what people say.

I do have a story about eggplant. Last summer, I stayed at home and took care of my house as my family went traveling. One week, it so happened that eggplant was on sale, and those who know me would know that my diet is often reflective of what’s on sale. So, I buy the eggplant and make lasagna with it, two dishes of it. When my family returned, I had one dish left over. My sister who absolutely hates eggplant had several servings then asked me what kind of delicious “mushrooms” I put into it. I asked her, “What mushrooms?” She then held up a slice of eggplant then promptly ate it. When I told her that it wasn’t mushrooms but actually eggplant, she put her fork down and her eyes widened. My mom then started laughing.

I'm quite sure that's not an eggplant

I’m quite sure that’s not an eggplant





Anyway, I think eggplant is really nice. Do you?





Hello everyone,

The other day, I read an article written in response to news that two people had died in a restaurant that makes food that is made to be extremely greasy and loaded with calories. When I first heard of this restaurant a few years ago, my first reaction was that the food they served was really nasty. I don’t really like very greasy foods in general. Going back to the article, what caught my eye was that the writer suggested that these places should be made illegal. That really made me think. “What is the place of the government?” Or even, “Where do we draw the line?” “Can people be allowed to make choices like this?”

It’s certainly true that the government does control many things that can kill a person nearly immediately, but how about things that could kill a person, but much more slowly? One of these burgers has enough calories to feed an “average” human male for about two days or more (And probably me for about a month). That’s a huge amount of calories to have in one sitting or meal. Should people be allowed to choose to eat these things?

A bright orange tomato...they once thought these were poisonous

A bright orange tomato…they once thought these were poisonous


Hello everyone!

I missed posting last week because of a lot of things I had to do.

In one of my classes recently, we’ve been discussing a topic that I usually avoid because it makes me uncomfortable. It really shouldn’t, but it does anyway, and I’m working on it.

Anyway, it made me think a bit. I’m actually pretty sure that if we hadn’t discussed this topic in my class, I probably would never have explored it at all. I think that sometimes it is good to put one’s self in the uncomfortable chair and think about issues that make them feel uncomfortable. There is only so long that one can avoid an issue. Eventually one must face the issue and consider it little by little. These issues are not usually things that one can come to a conclusion on overnight. One has to give themselves time and be patient.

Anyway, I hope you all have a great day. I hope I can get myself out of my uncomfortable chair more often. It hurts a little at first, but the results are worth it.


One can't sit all day and eat candy and cookies.

One can’t sit all day and eat candy and cookies…

Getting Stuck


Hello everyone!

It so happens that from time to time when I’m writing something, I get stuck. It happens a lot more often than I’d like it to. Sometimes though, I find that if I start writing anything in my head, many times, I think up the perfect thing to get my thoughts and writing flowing again. I often like to sit with a pad of scratch paper and a pen and write and cross out the things that I don’t want. Even the things that I don’t want can be useful in helping me think of what I want to write next. Nowadays, if I feel that I am beginning to run out of ideas or don’t know how to continue what I am working on, I just start on another section and come back to the thing I got stuck on when I have ideas. Other times, I just do something else and think of it when I am lying in bed. It helps many times. Anyway, what do you do when you get stuck?

What should I write about next?

What should I write about next?

Hope you all have a great day! Stay warm if you are in cold New England like me!


Hi everyone!!

I hope I can keep up regularly updating this blog. I have too many hiatuses and keep disappearing.

Anyway, I really enjoy reading. Whenever I go home on break, I go to the library and borrow some books or I ask someone to borrow a few of the books on my list.


Reading with friends is fun too!

I learned to read when I was really little and growing up, I think I really took it for granted. I remember seeing a comic strip a few days ago that said, “It’s called reading. It’s how we install new software into our brain.” While I think it’s true that we do learn a lot of new things by reading, reading can also be a form of entertainment. I think it is sad that a lot of people don’t read very much. When I’m reading something, I see people, things, and scenes in my head. My imagination makes a world. It’s almost like watching a movie, except I’m not actually watching anything. Anyway, if you aren’t really big into reading, you should try it. It’s fun!




Hello everyone!

I’m back again this week! I was just thinking about friendship while lying in bed one night.

Sometimes you need a good friend that you can squish!

Sometimes you need a good friend that you can squish!

I think that there are many things that don’t really happen or grow overnight. One of these things is friendship. People need time to trust and learn to understand each other. Also, I think that people need time to learn about each other. Although some of these things grow faster with some people than with others, I think that in most cases, they still take time. People learn about each other not only from what they talk about, but by the way the react to different situations and how they interact with each other. There are also times when people need time to slow down and think over their relationship. There are quite literally, times that I think I really need to stop and digest what just happened or what has been happening. Sometimes that process takes a few hours. Sometimes it can take days.

I really think that people should give relationships the time that they deserve to grow and not rush things. Friends and friendships need time.


Happy Endings


Hello everyone!

It’s been some time since I’ve posted anything. I’ve been busy since it’s my last year of college, so I’m trying to figure out what to do with my life and stuff like that. Anyway, I’ve been thinking about happy endings.

Sometimes we need to reach for the stars!

Sometimes we need a little hope to reach for the stars! (like the kitty cat)

Not everyone seems to like happy endings. Some people also tell me they hate happy endings because they are deceiving and unreal. I think though, that happy endings are important. Many stories with happy endings take absolutely terrible situations and turn the situation around and end well. I really think though that happy endings are important because they give people a little hope. Many people read things as an escape, and personally, I like my escapes to be happy. It often puts me into a better mood. Yes, it may not necessarily be realistic, but sometimes a little hope is just what we need.

Enjoy a few stories with happy endings!