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Hello everyone, The other day, I read an article written in response to news that two people had died in a restaurant that makes food that is made to be extremely greasy and loaded with calories. When I first heard of this restaurant a few years ago, my first reaction was that the food they […]

Why Clothes??


Have you ever wondered why people wear clothes? Being a bunny, I don’t get to slip out of my fur at whim and buy different colored fur (with rhinestones) for a night at a fancy restaurant. As a bunny, I have to live with whatever colored fur I ended up growing. People, on the other […]

A great pianist


Today, on Youtube, I came upon Lola Astanova, a Russian classical pianist. She is a very musical as well as a very clear and articulate player, and her tone is just wonderful.  After enjoying her playing on Youtube, I decided to check her site to see what else she had, and then I decided to buy her […]